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Exact Globe

Mayer Shanzer & Mayer, P. C are Certfied Exact Globe Consultants and offer Globe Support.

Exact Globe’s full suite solution is entirely suited for any organization that manufactures discrete products, distributes a range of products to various market segments, or bases their business on a service-oriented business model.

At the core of Exact Globe is an embedded document management system that makes use of real-time, workflow-driven business processes, such as cash management, order processing and production planning.

This means that organizations can seamlessly interact and conduct business with customers and suppliers, no matter where their location, in real time, using active documents and up-to-date pricing, in multiple currencies and multiple languages, if needed. Businesses with global operations will significantly benefit from Exact Globe’s ability to natively adhere to different country business and legal rules, substantially reducing operational overhead associated with owning and maintaining different ERP applications.

Exact Globe gives users greater vision into their organizations, across departmental and geographical boundaries, whether it be through project management, financials, document management or workflow. By including within its technology the key components of what it takes to run a business, Exact Globe actively involves employees, customers, suppliers, inventory and production to interact together.

  • Project Management within Exact Globe can either be revenue-focused or internal-oriented projects such as R&D and marketing, focusing on financial transactions, document management, task and activity management.

  • Financial performance reports such as a departmental P&L can easily be extracted, reflecting the real-time health of the organization at any time.

  • Workflow Management is embedded within Exact Globe and is associated with cash management, sales, and purchase order processing, including production order processing. This provides users with analysis into where key processes are actually occurring in their lifecycle, without having to make guesses.

  • Inventory Management and as a result, costing, is a real-time affair with Exact Globe, throughout the system and through to the General Ledger. In addition, organizations with multiple locations are able to plan inventory, requirements and production, at both the individual warehouse level and at the net primary local level.
Operational flexibility in today’s customer-centric business world requires that your ERP solution be just as flexible. Exact Globe, by design, directly reflects an organization’s operations, and is resilient in its business processes so that organizations can immediately react to changes in the way business transactions must be handled. By tying all the processes of an organization together, Exact Globe provides vision and control throughout the entire business, delivering consistent, measurable processes and up-to-the-minute information that supports profitable decision making.


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